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Well, it's been a while since we last updated and we apologize for that. We've been quite busy getting ready for all of our upcoming shows, and gearing up to record the second album. Just a reminder of our shows we have coming up...

April, 1 2006 @ White Eagles Club
Ware, MA 01082
Cost: $8

The Devil Spades
The Downright Creepies

April, 15 2006 @ The Lucky Cat
245 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Cost: $5

Saturday Night Stomp With:
The Devil Spades
The Crimson Ghosts
And More!

April, 29 2006 @ The Hook
18 Commerce Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Cost: $15

Mad Sin
The Devil Spades
The Turbo AC's
The Automatons

For tickets to the Mad Sin show click here.

We haven't been up north in Automatons territory in a long time so all you "fangs" up there we'll see you soon. We have a whole sack full of surprises for you. The Mad Sin show is going to be one to remember so make sure you get out to it. Tickets are only $15 and can be purchased here, so come on out and have a blast.


Just to let everybody know we had to cancel a few of our upcoming shows because of some issues. We're currently working on the new album and are more than happy to play any shows in April and afterwards. For more info on booking email eric.

Sign up for our message board to keep in touch with the band and find out how the new album is coming along. Check back often for more updates and we'll see everybody soon.


Well it's another Sunday and our weekend assault is over and I'd like to thank everybody that came out to the shows last night.

First off we'd like to thank The LI Roller Rebels for having us play at their first bout last night, and we were glad to be a part of that.

Secondly, we'd like to thank all the fans that came out last night to The Lucky Cat in Brooklyn. It was nice to see you guys again, and I'd like to say welcome aboard to all the new faces I saw last night. We hope you decide to join our little Devil Spades sideshow family.

Just a quick reminder, we're playing The Knitting Factory next weekend and we'd love for it for all you boils and ghouls to come out and hang with The Spades. Check the shows page for more info on that show.

Not too much else to report on so until next weekend, we'll see you guys later.


We're hoping to see all of you out in Brooklyn Saturday night, it should be a great time. We're playing with The Zombie Vandals and Mick Stitches new band, The Threads. So come one down if you want to hang out, and watch some great bands. Just a reminder to check out our brand new message board. It's something fun to do when you're at work, and bands can swap gigs or post news about their upcoming shows etc.

Where are all the pictures you guys have taken? We want some fan pictures for the site, if you have any floating around your computer email me. Well, hope to see you this Saturday night at 9:00 at The Lucky Cat in Brooklyn...


I updated the show page with a few new dates so make sure to mark them off on your calendar. April 29th we're playing with Mad Sin at The Hook in Brooklyn, and it's sure to be a great show. We now have our cd's available at, so if amazon sells out cdbaby has them. That's all the news for now, later.


Well, I've added an isound link on our site (to your left). There you can download songs and even buy our music as ringtones for your mobile phone!


Just updating the site to let everybody know that has our cd's in stock and they're ready for purchase. We're still working on the mailing list so if you're on there don't worry, we didn't forget. If anybody out there already has the CD how about you go to amazon and post a review about it?

The forum is up and running so get in there and get registered to talk to us and other like minded freaks. We'll be posting pictures up in the gallery soon and I've added an unreleased MP3 in the media section. It was for a tribute CD to The Frantic Flinstones put out by Red Five Records of Europe. The track is "Alley Cat King" and we put our own little twist on it so we hope you enjoy. Thanks everyone, until next time...


Well, happy new year boils and ghouls, and welome to the new official Devil Spades website. Thanks to our friends at organgrinder media for all their help with the site. We have lots of exciting news for all of our fans... the long awaited debut CD "Carnival of Freaks" is as we speak, being shipped to and, for you to buy. Or you can always pick it up at out live shows.

We also have some new merch for you guys, we have some work shirts and some gas station jackets being emblazoned with our logo on the back. They look pretty damn sexy too if I do say so myself.

This site will be updated weekly or so with new news, pictures and such. If you'd like to be on The Devil Spades' mailing list to be kept up to date on important DS news, send me your email address and I'll add you to it.

The site is still being worked on so if you get somewhere that isn't working, don't sweat it, and check back often to keep up to tabs with everything. We are currently working on a full fledged message board for all of you out there to be able to chat with the band, and fans from around the globe about anything you'd like.

Until we see you again...

-The Devil Spades

::Upcoming Shows::

The Knitting Factory - Old Office
74 Leonard Street
NY, NY 10013
7:00p.m. - $8

Otto's Shrunken Head
14th Street, btw. Ave A & B
NY, NY 10003
8:00 p.m. - FREE

visit our show page for more info on all of our shows.